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Corporate Comms.: Service

Change & Renewal


We help you articulate and embed the culture change you want to make, through powerful Storytelling. 

"Visionary brands have Storified Organisational Culture"

- Robert McKee & Tom Gerace, Storynomics. 

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A well-told story can influence, engage and inspire change and renewal, starting with the leadership team and cascading throughout the whole organisation. 

Change sticks when there is a story behind it. Great leaders are great storytellers, and, to quote Gianpiero Petriglieri at INSEAD, it’s hard to follow a leader unless you believe you are sharing the same story.

Leadership practitioner, Vikki Kirby, has led marketing and communications teams, telling stories of and across organisations of all sizes, for nearly 30-years. As a consultant, she has experience within dozens of organisations going through significant change in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, education, retail, automotive, oil & gas and transport, within the UK and internationally. 

Vikki also sits on Advisory boards that support meaningful change. 

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