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Storytelling: Service

Applied Storytelling


The application of storytelling enables you to uncover the essence of your business strategy and share it across your story-world. Vibrato works with you to bring your business story to life through written, data and visual channels.

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Steve Jobs didn’t become a world-class storyteller without effort. He learned the art at Pixel, from the creator of Toy Story John Lasseter and applied that when he returned to Apple.

A Maori tribesman told me “without our stories, we don’t exist”. Humans are hard-wired for stories, our brains filtering 11 million pieces of information every second, aligning us to each other.  

But we don’t take those innate storytelling skills to work. So, over 96% of strategic shifts fail to stick (McKinsey, 2019).


Change sticks when there is a story behind it. Finding your business story will make you a better leader and your people more committed because they believe you are united around a core idea.  


Vibrato can help you discover what Jobs did. I have over thirty years’ experience in helping brands uncover and consistently tell their purpose-driven story.   


I will work with you to find your ‘once upon a time’ by using techniques from the exciting and deep craft of storytelling. To drive forward your strategic ambition to all your stakeholders in a meaningful way.


I call it Getting Everyone on the Same Page.


Let’s start a conversation. With ten minutes I can show you how applied storytelling can unlock and accelerate the change you want to make.   

Vikki Kirby

Chief Storyteller, Vibrato 

07794 278089

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